At the global intersection of crypto, payments & banking and regulation.

Let etonec help you build the solution for your company that is both disruptive and compliant.


We provide expert and specialized knowledge at the global intersection of crypto, payments & banking and regulation.


We offer our global insight and connections on a retainer basis. Let us be your crypto center of excellence.


We build solutions across the value chain from business and technical concepts to prototyping through to rolling out distinct services as separate solutions or businesses.


etonec: a company builder

We focus on high value use cases and business models of emerging digital technologies
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Value Creation

What is the benefit for the customer? What problem are we solving?  How can a business make money by providing real value?

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GLOCAL Experience

We combine expert insight & a global network of high-quality Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with local knowledge and experience in the US, Europe and APAC.

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Validate the Differentiation

What is the minimum that needs to be built to validate a product's value? We specialize in prototyping ideas.

Our Experts Are Top-Notch


What differentiates etonec is that we combine decades of experience in payments and TradFi with insight in emerging concepts gleaned from working for leading crypto projects and companies. Our team is comprised of leading experts in Stablecoins, CBDCs, Crypto Exchanges, Digital Currencies, Bitcoin Lightning Network, On- and Off-ramps, Conditional Payments, Smart Contracts, Self-Sovereign Identity, Zero-Knowledge Proof Technologies, Crypto-Backed Lending and more. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you!​

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Payment and Regulations

We can provide insights in the evolving regulatory environment and landscape in payments, banking and blockchain including topics like SEPA, e-Money, PSD2, AML5, GDPR, eIDAS, PAD, MiCAR

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Blockchain-based Payments

We can help navigate the emerging Stablecoin use cases as well as provide deep insights into the progress and pitfalls of L1 and L2 blockchain platforms, CBDCs, crypto & digital currencies, Bitcoin Lightning Network, on-and off-ramp capabilities

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Emerging and Converging Technologies

The winners of tomorrow will be the ones that combine the developments in emerging concepts and technologies like stablecoin rails, conditional payments, smart contracts, self-sovereign identity, zero-knowledge proof technologies, crypto-backed lending, etc into real and tangible use cases with the user experience to help crypto to mainstream.

The Leadership Team

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Founder & MD

Sideos, Cred, PayPal, Association of German Banks, Postbank


Founder & MD

Libra/Diem, Cred Europe, Entersekt, PayPal, S1


Head of Customer Engagement

PayPal, Lloyds Banking Group, Accenture, IBM



Head of Digital Assets and Currencies

Digital Euro Assoc, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center



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Advisor: Product and Design

Emrit, Cred, PwC, Lab Zero, Kodak


Advisor: Crypto-Payments and APAC

Finmo,, Rapyd, PayPal



Advisor: Solution and Architecture

Opn, PayPal, Tradeshift, Intuit


Advisor: Solution and Architecture

Solarisbank, PayPal, Karlmax,




Our Clients

We have worked with top global powerhouses that lead their sectors in Social Media, Payments, Marketplaces, Hospitality and Industry 4.0 to help them leverage blockchain to better serve millions to billions of customers across the world.


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