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What are ZKP, SSI and why are they so powerful together?

Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) are potent technologies that, when integrated, revolutionize online data sharing and control.

ZKPs in itself can be used to prove eligibility (e.g., for age-restricted services) without revealing exact details, safeguarding sensitive information. Data is securely encrypted and validated for specific purposes, never exposing any personal information. Also, once information is included in a proof, it cannot be changed thereafter - making it very safe and reliable. SSI technology enables the efficient management and storage of identity credentials. It enables t

he sharing of specific data attributes without disclosing other personal information.

Together, they are most powerful:

👀 Enhanced trust: Employ cryptographic techniques in SSI and ZKPs to ensure the authenticity of digital credentials, fostering trust in shared information.

👀 Streamlined processes: The combination simplifies processes like identity verification and access control, significantly boosting efficiency and security in digital interactions.

👀 Prevent ZKP fraud: Wrapping ZKPs into an SSI credential can also enable the proof of ownership of a ZKP, hence identifying stolen ZKPs when they have been used.

👀 Decentralized storage: With SSI it is easy to store a ZKP decentrally, such as in a wallet and/ or on a user's device. This prevents centralized data storage and points of failure but also provides data sovereignty to the data owner.

👀 Alternative use cases: “Traditional” SSI use cases can be enhanced with increased privacy by adding ZKP technology - e.g. storing passwords within a ZKP and using SSI for passwordless login.

Learn more about the combination of ZKPs and SSIs and how we make use of them for our product here: or contact us at

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